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Balashova E.Yu. The mediation and self-regulation of mental activity in normal aging and affective disorders of the late age (on example of memory and time perception)

Full text in Russian: Балашова Е.Ю.Опосредование и саморегуляция психической деятельности при нормальном старении и аффективных расстройствах позднего возраста (на примере памяти и восприятия времени)
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
Psychological Institute, Moscow, Russia
Mental Health Research Center, Moscow, Russia
Moscow State Regional University, Moscow, Russia

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The paper presents the problem of mediation and self-regulation of mental activity in the normal and pathological aging, relevant for developmental psychology, clinical psychology, gerontology and geriatrics. For example, the memory and time perception deals with the mediation of self-regulation cognitive and emotional sphere of mentally healthy individuals of   late   age and patients, suffering from affective disorders of the depressive spectrum. The author discusses probable causes of the negative changes of mediating techniques and strategies in late depression (compared to normal aging). There are a number of assumptions about the role of brain factors, the characteristics of the current social situation of development and formation of cognitive activity at the previous stages of ontogenesis in the determination of the quality and range of mediating techniques and strategies, the success of self-personality.

Keywords: mediation, self-regulation, mental activity, aging, late age, affective disorders, depression, memory, perception of time


The study was supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project 16-06-00161 «Exogenous and endogenous factors of informational socialization».


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Received 16 January 2016. Date of publication: 30 April 2016.

About author

Balashova Elenа Yu. Ph.D., Associate Professor, Leading Research Associate, Department of Neuro- and Pathopsychology, Faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, ul. Mokhovaya, 11–9, 125009 Moscow, Russia; Senior Research Associate, Psychological Institute, ul. Mokhovaya, 9–4, 125009 Moscow, Russia; Senior Research Associate, Department of Medical Psychology, Mental Health Research Center, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Kashirskoe shosse, 34, 115522 Moscow, Russia; Senior Research Associate, Department of Psychology of the Personality, Faculty of Psychology, Moscow State Regional University, ul. Radio, 10A, 105005 Moscow, Russia.
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Balashova E.Yu. The mediation and self-regulation of mental activity in normal aging and affective disorders of the late age (on example of memory and time perception). Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya, 2016, Vol. 9, No. 46, p. 2. (in Russian, abstr. in English).

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