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2016 Vol. 9 Issue 48

Cultural-historical paradigm in modern science [Special issue]


This issue is created on the base of discussions on annual Shpetovskoj conference which was devoted to a problem a cultural - historical paradigm in modern science. Proceeding from it, the subject of articles is focused on questions of borders of this paradigm and its options in theoretical and empirical researches, including the history and philosophy of science and cross-cultural works.

As A.G.Asmolov fairly emphasized, that culture resists to barbarity which levels a variety and identity. Therefore the questions connected with development of the personality, consciousness and self-determination of people in complex systems, in a situation of diversity and transitive society became a keynote for many articles. No least important became the problem of connections between people of different cultures, different mentality, the specifics of behavior, the regulation of activities in various living conditions, various attitude to the world, personal status and wellbeing.

In general, authors reveal actual and potential opportunities of cultural- historical paradigm in different areas of knowledge and in different historical and cultural contexts, once again convincingly proving that the force of modern methodology in the openness of different theoretical and empirical constructs and their capability to transformation.


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