Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya • ISSN 2075-7999
peer-reviewed • open access journal


2014 Vol. 7 Issue 34

Tarabrina N.V., Main N.V. Individual and transgenerational traumatization of adoptive parents and an adoptive family quality (an empirical study)
Melnitskaya T.B., Belykh T.V. Assessment of stress factors of life depending on the features of perception of information about the risk of radiation exposure in people living in radioactively contaminated territories
Kruzhkova O.V. Individual determination of subjective importance of urban environment stress factors in the period of youth
Kuptsova S.V., Ivanova M.V., Dragoy O.V., Petrova L.V., Ponomareva A.A., Ulicheva A.S., Laurinavichyute A.K. Focused attention deficits in patients with forms of aphasia
Agris A.R., Matveyeva E.Yu., Korneev A.A. The performance capability in first-graders with and without learning disability: computer-based methods
Kutkovaya E.S. Discourse analysis of emotions and positioning theory in studying social events
Smolyakova T.V. Psychological characteristics of the structure of professional identity in art students
Naghdyan R.M. On the relation of psychology to metaphysics
Zarembo N.A. Features of typical difficulties of adaptation of rural and urban schools graduates to higher school education institutions
Druzhilov S.A., Oleshchenko А.М. Mental status at the time of work: the theoretical analysis of interrelations in the system «personality traits – status – processes»
Morosanova V.I., Fomina T.G., Kovas Yu. V. The relationship between regulatory, intellectual and cognitive characteristics in students who are successful in mathematics
Belinskaya E.P., Bronin I.D. Аdaptation of the Russian version of M. Berzonsky’s Identity Style Inventory

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