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2013 Vol. 6 Issue 30

Problem of social space: Interdisciplinary approach [Special issue]

The problem of social space is rather an old and developed subject for the humanities but a comparatively new subject for psychology. Today there is neither settled understanding of the content of the concept of social space, nor clarity in using terminology which is taken from such areas related to psychology as philosophy, sociology, culturology… Thus, the borders of this construct are vague and mobile especially as in addition to objective, physical and economic space it includes cultural and informational space as well as personal space considered as a result of internalization of social norms and requirements, attitudes and representations. At the moment, the content of social space also includes “time-continuum” both in its objective and subjective variants. All these constituents vary permanently and the relevant changes either synchronize and harmonize, or bring disharmony in the structure of this complex construct.

The articles collected in this volume are an attempt to determine main directions in studies of social space and to present materials of modern studies in different areas of psychological science. We hope that these thoughts and reflections will be of interest to our readers.


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