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Monde O.-L. Comparative analysis of musical theatre audience in Russia and the United States of America

Full text in Russian: Монд О.-Л. Сравнительные характеристики российских и американских зрителей музыкального театра
New York Film Academy, Musical Theatre, New York, NY, USA

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Social-demographic characteristics, motivation and values preferences in Russian (N = 208, Moscow) and American (N = 218, New-York) musical theatre audience were studied. Data received with the questionnaire during the performance were analyzed. Women prevail among both Moscow and New-York audience (over 60%). On the average Russian audience is younger, has less experience in viewing musical performance and higher level of education (36,1% of the audience are students). There are relatively more pensioners, housewives and temporary nonworkers in American audience and 15,1% of the American audience are students. Russian spectators usually want a spectacular show (54,8%), the American ones – an interesting modern life story (47,3%). Russian audience prefers adventure or scientific fiction stories (49,9%) and love stories (29,9%); American audience prefers everyday life stories (31,1%) and love stories (21,1%). For Russian audience main criteria of performance evaluation are music and acting, for American audience main criteria of performance evaluation are singing and dancing. Artistic preferences of the two audiences in relation to music and singing are significantly different.

Keywords: musical, spectator, social-demographic characteristics, motivation, values, aesthetic preferences, artistic preferences


The author thanks V.G.Zazykin, doctor of psychology, professor, for his assistance in discussion over the questionnaire content and Vincent Paul Boyle, musical theatre faculty dean, New-York Film Academy (NYFA), for his great help and commitment to organizational process.

Cyrillic letters are transliterated according to BSI standards.

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Received 27 January 2011. Date of publication: 27 April 2011.

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Monde Olga-Lisa. Ph.D., Probationer in Musical Theatre Conservatory, New York Film Academy, 100 East 17th Street, Union Square, 10003, New York, NY, USA.
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