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Molchanova Yu.Yu. Gambler’s motivation

Full text in Russian: Молчанова Ю.Ю. Мотивация гемблера
Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry, Moscow, Russia

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90 subjects with gambling addiction were examined. Gamblers’ hierarchy of value-concept attitudes were studied using clinical conversation method, case history review and certain psychological tests. These subjects’ results were compared with the results obtained for subjects with alcohol addiction (60 subjects) and healthy subjects (50 subjects). The findings reveal: high specificity of value-concept attitudes especially of operational values hierarchy in most gambling addicts on the one hand and value system transitional alternatives in the line of gamblers – non-addicts and gamblers – alcohol-addicts on the other hand. Gamblers’ value-concept attitudes peculiarities were shown to provide high level of gambling behavior reinforcement (for both game result and process) and to be most important etiologic factor of gambling addiction development. Certain negative trends in the society values due to side effects of uncontrolled progress towards “facilitating achievements” are proved to play an important role in such attitudes development. These trends ground for further increase of addictions and addicts range. Overcoming these trends calls for major efforts of the society.

Keywords: gambling, gambling addiction, value hierarchy, value-concept sphere, values


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Received 4 May 2010. Date of publication: 30 June 2010.

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Molchanova Yuliya Yu. M.Sci., Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry, Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Poteshnaya ul. 3, Moscow 107076, Russia.
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