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Gavrichenko O.V. Professional identity in drama school students

Full text in Russian: Гавриченко О.В. Профессиональная идентичность студентов театрального вуза
Moscow Pedagogical State University, Moscow, Russia

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The professional identity peculiarities of part-time students of director's department of one of the leading drama schools were studied. The students’ responses revealed that in professional identity of those students who were getting the second higher drama education a self-image of an actor rather than a director or a manager dominated. Many of such students primarily showed personal rather than role identity.

Keywords: professional identity, self-presentation, emotional intelligence, self-monitoring, self-control



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Accepted 10 june 2009

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Gavrichenko Oksana V. Ph.D., Department of Developmental Psychology, Moscow Pedagogical State University, ul. Gospitalny Val, 4, 111020 Moscow, Russia.
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