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Full text in Russian: Обращение к читателям журнала

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Dear readers!

Here you can see the first number of new e-journal Psikhologicheskie issledovaniya (= Psychological studies). I want to characterize shortly the specificity of the given edition, it’s priorities and scientific aspirations.

About our priorities. We aspire to make our journal, first of all, modern, reflecting a picture of the world psychology which palette consists now of numerous and various theories and concepts, maybe, disputable, at times.

It’s seems to be very important the possibility to analyze existing tendencies and to plan ways of the further development of psychology. Therefore analytic reviews on different psychology’s spheres and branches are included in the journal. Reviews will represent as well as settled, classical approaches, so the new, yet conventional concepts of Russian and foreign psychology.

The modern psychology includes different areas and is focused on different spheres of application. That is why it is obviously important to us to keep in the journal maintenance balance between methodology, theory, experimental, empirical works and applied researches, characteristic for a current condition of a psychological science.

Certainly, specificity of journal is shown in the fact that it is one of the few e-journal, not an Internet version of the printing edition. It facilitates publish policy as the materials are not so rigidly limited in the volume, and the main thing, facilitates contact with readers. We invite you not only to send the articles, but also to express your opinion about our publications, to exchange thoughts, ideas on a condition and prospects of development of our science on the pages of our journal. The most interesting and substantial responses will be published. Such correspondence conversation is considered by edition as one of the major aims of journal.

We would like that in the maintenance of articles and in the editorial mail there were different positions, the various points of view during material’s discussion. Polemic gives not only possibility to discuss published – we hope, it will stimulate readers to write new articles. Without such discussion, without simultaneous objection in scientific field different discourses normal and fruitful development of a science is impossible.

In journal publications we hope to avoid stereotypes. We do not consider necessary to adhere at article’s selection any one position or methodology that excludes polemic and journal development. However it does not mean decrease in requirements to professionalism and the scientific competence of authors without what the competent scientific publication is impossible.

I wish all of us productivity and many good articles, but it is impossible without general efforts – and your, our readers and colleagues, and ours, edition’s members.

Sure to meet you on journal pages.

Editor-in-Chief of journal "Psikhologicheskie issledovaniya"
Martsinkovskaya Tatyana D.

Moscow, October 14, 2008

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Editorial. Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya, 2008, No. 1(1), p. 1. Retrieved from (in Russian, abstr. in English)

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